Stop…but keep moving!

Today, I realized that moving forward is sometimes more significant than reaching your destination.

Our journey in life is exactly like a moving train. If you’ve ever been in a train like the ones they have here, you’ll know they are most certainly unsteady. Often, you’ll need to hold on to something or spread your toes to ensure you don’t fall on something or someone.

When a train makes a stop at a station, some passengers get off, some come on board but if it’s not your destination, you keep going.
Most times, the pains, trials and challenges we experience in life are like those stops; they add to the length of our journey and are often uncomfortable. If you are still learning patience like me, I’m sure you’d rather the train just keeps moving without any stops.
Unlike riding a bus, you cannot request the train to stop where you want, it’s already programmed to stop when it has to even the operator cannot influence the stop.
Some of us will experience 3 stops before we reach our destination while if you’re like me and you commute to work,you’d have to experience almost 25 stops.
However, regardless of many stops, the train never reverses.uhn uhn! Infact, the moment the train starts to move, as long as there is nothing in its way, it will keep moving until the next stop.

Our stops in life comes in different forms; sickness, loss, lack, pain, depression, heartbreak, sin, disappointment, discomfort, low self esteem etc but yet,they are necessary elements in the journey.
The manifestation of these stops in whatever form doesn’t mean we have to start the journey all over, they are temporary breaks in your journey. Breaks that don’t just happen for no reason,breaks that teach us perseverance and patience,breaks that grows our faith and strengthens our hearts, breaks that allows us refuel and recharge so that we can keep moving. With each break, the journey becomes shorter with the destination in sight.

More importantly, the train tracks or rails represent our Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. Without those tracks, the trains become immobile and useless.
Those tracks are the soul of the train and so is Jesus to our life and our journey.

There would be no movement,no stops and definitely no destination if our trains are derailed from these track; the entire journey becomes meaningless.
As Christians, the importance of sticking with Jesus through our journey cannot be over stated.

We are all journeying somewhere. Our destinations vary but we are all in the same train. How we hold on, how we deal with our stops and who will allow to be the soul of our train all significantly contributes to the meaningfulness of the journey.

Don’t let the stops, unsteadiness and the other passengers in the train deprive you of the beauty in the journey. Whether it’s a stop or 50, just keep moving on, knowing fully well that each stop enlarges you and brings you closer to your destination.



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