Forgive yourself often and mean it!

Today, I struggled with self forgiveness. The more I tried to embrace God’s love and pardon, the more my mind strayed to the mistakes and bad choices I have made.

I know God wants us to live our lives based on His standards and principles but we often create our own self-righteous and hypocritical ones which sets us up for failure.
Forgiving others could be easier than forgiving oneself because besides the very unrealistic standards we create, we are also often and unnecessarily too hard on ourselves.

The truth: We are not perfect, therefore we are bound to behave badly sometimes and even while we work to attain that perfection in Jesus, we still fail. Therefore, webmust acknowledge that forgiving oneself is an on-going process.

Guilt can truly incapacitate us. It can steal our joy and put us on a path of self loathing and self bitterness. We all have reasons to be upset and angry towards ourselves, we all wish to have behaved better in a particular situation, however, Jesus sacrifice has paid for all the mistakes we made and we could ever make. So allow yourself to feel the peace that comes with that sacrifice and let go.

When we make mistakes and act stupidly, it doesn’t make us less valuable. There are lessons to learn from each setback and once that is discovered, it will be wickedness to relive the past.

Embracing Gods love and grace each day will help us learn to forgive ourselves and since forgiving ourselves will be continuous, then our daily joy ritual should involve reminding ourselves of God’s amazing love.

We need grace to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of God;forgiven,redeemed,beautiful,Wonderful,perfect,gorgeous,blessed,fortunate,to be envied,righteous, strong,valuable. Absolutely nothing can separate us from that love. Tonight, I’ll sleep easier just by accepting that truth.

Forgive your mistakes and relive your joys.



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