Move, Please!

Today, I saw a man struggle to get his dog move away from one spot.

I wonder what the dog could smell, see or even taste. Maybe, it smelled a hidden treasure buried in the ground.All I know is, no matter how hard the owner pulled, the dog didn’t budge.

Often times, we are that dog.
Regardless of how much God pulls us, we are often stuck in our ways. We insist on what we want, how we want and when we want it.
Most times God is like that owner, He even allows us to just sniff around, do whatever pleases our human minds and then we ultimately fool ourselves. He watches us as we struggle to obey him, to follow him and to completely submit. We fail to acknowledge that He has the power to move us from one bad phase, spot or situation to a better and sweeter zone.
We can’t see the bigger picture and we often forget that God’s treats for us far exceeds whatever we may find buried in the ground(even if it’s a billion dollar worth treasure)

Of course, the owner gets the upper hand eventually unless the dog wants to be left alone in the middle of nowhere with no one to lead,care for it and guide it.

We should learn the art of recklessly moving the way God wants us to; complete and total abadonement just like the woman with the alabaster box.
There is no use fighting our owner, no use insisting on doing things our way because at the end of the day, we can never be smarter than our manufacturer. There is always something much better when we move. However, how long it takes us to move will depend on us.

Move, Please but don’t forget to Smile and Shine too.



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