Now who is the boss?

Today, God showed me that He is boss.

Anytime I go out, I try to get to the bus stop 10 minutes before the estimated time of arrival. This is not because I enjoy standing for such a long time but the bus could come earlier than scheduled. Today, the bus came late, really late.

I was so agitated, so uncomfortable, I hate getting to work late. The first bus came 10 minutes late and the ripple effect kicked in but I still hoped and prayed that my next bus would come on time. Also, I hoped it would be the “B” bus because that’s the one on my route to work.

To my displeasure, it was not the “B” bus and now, I had just 30 minutes to get to work.
Eventually, at 7:06, I got off the bus and started sprinting to work. All this while, God knew I didn’t need to fret or sprint and He even reminded me not to but I did not agree because my worry was priority.
I got to work at 7:10 and the meeting for 7:00 had not started. Needless to say, it started right as I settled in, just like I knew God was trying to tell me.

Everyday, we have situations that make us worry, afraid, anxious and sick in our stomachs. Many times, God uses the things around us to remind us of how He is holding us even in that state but somehow, we hold on to that anxiety, doubt,worry and fear more than we should.
In retrospect , I wished I had received the peace God was offering me. I wished I didn’t worry because God knew I didn’t need to, He is boss like that!

Tomorrow, when worry and fear shows its face, I will receive the one-of-a- kind peace God offers with each day. I will embrace His love and remind myself of His promises and then just like I smiled today after I saw the meeting had not started, I will smile even deeper regardless of what state I am in. The kind of smile that is from the bottom of my belly.



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