He winks at me!

Do you ever just sit and really count your blessings? Do you ever ponder on the many times God has winked at you?  That moment you knew a “little” blessing gave you a relief or “little” victory felt like you truly won the jackpot. That moment that you needed a quarter and you found one.

Today, I was on the phone with my adorable Mum for almost 50 minutes. We spoke of God’s faithfulness and reminded ourselves of how He truly and  absolutely takes care of us even while we focus and expect those huge miracles we’ve been waiting for.

Have you ever craved yam, fried eggs with baked beans and sausages( that’s obviously how I crave it)and you enter your empty pantry wondering whether boiled potatoes and butter will be a good substitute? (I know I have) And just as you are about to give up, someone shows up with yam and egg or maybe even give you just eggs to eat with your potatoes.
Have you ever had a need for something so “ordinary”? an extra pillow for comfort? a better bedsheet? a rug in your room?a fan for the hot weather?
See! God doesn’t care if you need a pen or a toothpick,  He is more than willing to give you anything you NEED! Sometimes you don’t even need to ask.

I see God take care of me everyday. I’m kinda on his lap like a child who knows where the goodies are.
God has winked at me in the past couple of weeks. Infact, I  picture God winking and saying ” hey baby, I havent forgotten you;not now, not ever”.

Even while I still have faith for bigger miracles(which I know will come), His winks comforts me, gladdens me and absolutely reassures me.

He absolutely does more than I can DARE to THINK or IMAGINE.

God’s winks reminds me He’s got my back and today, I count that blessing.



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