Till your Land!!


As I spoke to a dear friend yesterday, I learnt an important lesson.

Many folks(young and old) often look for several ways to be more ‘put together’(exactly as it reads). We constantly seek some level of stability in our lives through our finances, spirituality, career, emotions and even with our intellect.

If anyone is like me, then I know you possibly experience anxiety, confusion and setbacks as you work to through these. Life is in phases and whatever it is you are hoping to achieve demands a certain level of preparation and reconditioning.

What are you doing today to prepare for your future?
Whatever you desire or long for,whatever door you want open and whatever you’re praying for, there are a million and one ways (pardon my exaggeration) to prepare yourself for the new level.

Is your mind prepared for that new opportunity?  Is your environment conducive to grow the seed of greatness that is about to come your way? Is your tent wide enough to reel in the harvest?

The popular author, Lao Tzu says: “ the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Indeed, one step in the right direction is all you need. We shouldn’t not ignore the “cause and effect” theory that stipulates that choices you make today will have an effect on your tomorrow.

Prepare your land for the rain, Dress and look like the Professional you aspire to be, read the books that will liberate your mind and widen your horizon, clear room in you hearts for the testimonies, weave your harvest baskets and dust your dancing shoes for the Rejoicing part.

The Good Lord will send the rain but our lands must be tilled.



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