Thank God for Unanswered Prayers! 

Have you ever had one of those days where you absolutely feel overwhelmed and helpless? I’m sure we all have.

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed like absolutely nothing worked right.
I had an appointment for 11:00 a.m and to ensure I arrived early, I needed to leave my house at 9:00 a.m to begin my 1:30 minutes trip. I went back and forth in my mind on whether I should take this trip because frankly, I wasn’t feeling up to it but I said to myself, Babe, suck it up and do what you have to. 

After waking up slightly late, and in bid to be ready on time, I failed to select something appropriate to wear. I was not ready for the day I was about to have. My transit would include transferring between four buses with some considerable distance to walk.

When I arrived at the office 30 minutes early, I decided to use the washroom and boom! I saw something I didn’t like at all. You mean to tell me I left my house looking like this? After some adjustments, I put myself together in the best way possible. 

Fast forward 30 minutes later, my host forgot about our appointment and I knew my prayers for a smooth day was now a dream. I had commuted in four buses under 30 something degrees weather, sweating like goat being led to slaughter, wearing a camisole plus a sweater (who does that in summer?) and looking like someone that migrated from Saturn.

Anyway after an additional 20 minutes wait at the bus stop(I think at one point, I shed a tear,laughed and shed another). I finally got on the bus to my next appointment which was for 12:30p.m. Unfortunately, I arrived late but thankfully, it wasn’t one of those ones that getting there early meant more than putting food in your stomach.

By the time I was done, I was tired, sweaty and hungry and I just didn’t understand why the cloud was gathering for an obvious downpour. Again, I prayed that I would get home before the rain started but the rest is history. 

I gallantly strode in the rain (I was already having a bad day, no need to run). After my many bus transfers and rain beaten spirit,I finally got home and the food I was expecting to meet already had a foul taste. I was too tired to be upset so I drank water and slept 

Amazingly, in the midst of that rough day, I still saw how God showed up for me. Like when I realized I did not have sufficient coins for my trip but miraculously,I didn’t need the coins.A lot of buses in that part of town usually do not have transit card machines but the ones I took that day had and so my journey was definitely smoother than I worried it wouldn’t be. I probably rode in 8 different buses while looking like a Saturn lady but yet God didn’t forget to wink at me. Even the cancelled appointment was a hug from heaven as I was not physically or mentally ready to be in a professional meeting.

Yesterday, God didn’t answer my “please let me have a sweet day” prayer but He gave me something else;an avenue to fellowship with him. See, while I was taking my 15minutes walk back home, I had time to speak with God and to ask for Grace particularly on days like this.

If my day had turned out to be what I prayed for, I’d probably taken a taxi from my bus stop, bought  a cup of cool lime refresher from Starbucks and I definitely wouldn’t have had that refreshing chat with God.(which I obviously didn’t know I needed) 

God is ALWAYS ALWAYS there;especially in the bad times. From yesterday, I learnt that God not answering our prayers doesn’t mean he’s forgotten us. In fact, that’s when He cares the most.

Did I mention that my pair of super comfortable brogues decided that it would give me some high level of discomfort yestetday? In fact,  I walked bare feet from my last bus stop. Thank God for the 30 something degrees weather, Thank God for Unanswered Prayers and thank God for the many many winks.


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