Show me a Sign!

In 2005, after I left Secondary School, I remember asking God for a sign with respect to a decision I had to make at the time. If I saw ten green cars drive past in five minutes,then it would mean I had God’s blessings. 
Green light means Go so why not green cars? (LOL). Yes, I felt silly at the time but I was very serious. 

I once heard that asking God for a sign portrayed that one has weak or even the total lack of faith and at that time, I believed it. If the Bible says that faith is the evidence of things not seen then why the need to ask for a sign? It kinds of defeats the whole essence of faith right? 

Today, I saw how Gideon, in Judges 6 asked God for several signs as he prepared himself to answer God’s call to lead the people of Israel. What Gideon asked for was an extreme show of FAITH. What else can trigger such bold and seemingly impossible request; for dew to fall on the fleece but not on the floor?Interestingly,  Gideon boldly asked again for dew to fall on the floor and not on the fleece.

I believe it is absolute faith to imagine the impossible becoming possible. I think it is that same faith that made Gideon even ask God a second time because honestly, sometimes we want to be sure we have God’s green light.

I doubt it would ever be compulsory to seek for signs or not. I personally cannot speak to the number of times you can or should ask God for signs when you pray. However,  I can relate with Gideon’s request and I hope I can be that bold to ask for the seemingly impossible even while I trust that when and if I don’t need to,  I would know it.

That day in late 2005, I waited for ten green cars but they didn’t show. I was disappointed but since I asked for it then I should be willing to agree with the result.

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of THINGS Hoped for.


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