Measuring Grace

Apparently ,We often do not show others the same Grace we have been shown.

It would be foolish and prideful to even try to measure the Grace of God because God’s love for us is regardless of our humanness. 

Unfortunately,  we forget too quickly what we have been given so graciously and freely that the self-righteous us creeps in immediately we are offended and we begin to judge others for their mistakes as if in some way, we are above and beyond making errors.

We unconsciously have two scales when weighing who deserves some measure of grace; one for ourselves(often more generous) and the second we use in weighing others. The fact that our bad choices may have gone unnoticed by the world doesn’t mean we didn’t make them and the fact that we deal with our guilts privately doesn’t make them unreal..

God welcomes us to the table of Grace;each of us grabbing as much as we need daily or momentarily. There should be no qualification on who is able to come to the table, no judging on how often they come or with whatever baggage they’ve come with.

This Grace has been Presented to all but not all have Received it. It is why we’ve been called to show others the Grace we have wondrously received and to throw out the self-righteous scale we use in measuring Grace to others.


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