I grew up in a Christian home filled with many church going, church activities , vigils and events. I loved all of it and I would not change a thing because even though my relationship with God has recently been redefined and refined,those years of sitting in church regardless of the reason I was there, became the foundation of who I am today.

As I grew up and even now, I saw that pride in full blown strength as I began to deal with issues of life because in the moments I felt short, it became hard for me not only to forgive myself but also to accept Gods love.

I know I am not alone in this feeling; may be you can’t relate to all of it but many of us struggle with accepting Gods love and forgiving ourselves. For me, that struggle is primarily borne out of pride and the fear of being judged.

Having a relationship with God and seeking knowledge of who he is, is gradually helping me crawl out of that prideful and self-righteous hole I dug for myself.

Knowing Jesus helps me deal with my shortcomings  and regrets. Just like Paul, I don’t have it together yet and I cannot claim that I have achieved anything but the Grace I keep receiving is so powerful and real, I hope I never take it for granted.

I am thankful for all those years I spent going to church even if they were done out of mere religiosity. Those seeds that were planted in my heart years ago have grown to become trees that cover me. 

I am glad that I had a foundation to build on and I am glad there is a well I can draw draw from. 

I pray to keep knowing Jesus daily and for strength in my walk with him but boy am I super grateful for the foundation I have had.


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