…and your Sons and Daughters will Prophesy!!

I often doubt myself and sometimes sadly forget the God I serve.

Haven grown up with many men and women of God around me, I believe in the calling of God on a mans life and respect the anointing of God on anyone he chooses to confer that responsibility on.

We are vessels that God uses; both for his glory and for the benefit of others and even though we may feel unqualified or fearful about our assignments, they have been given to us for a reason. We don’t want to be that servant who returns the talent his master gave him without having multiplied it or shared it.

.I have always thought of myself a “Josephine”. I can dream about anything and anyone. To the glory of God, I consider it a priceless gift. However, prophesying just seems like some next level phenomenon that was definitely not for me. 

I am not afraid to hear and obey Gods words spoken through someone else, someone more “fit” for that role but like I said, sometimes, I forget to who I belong; a God that declares and accomplishes it and because I am his child, I,too have the authority to decree a thing and see it established. I am a Prophet.

In very very recent times, I have started keying into this authority I have as a prophet and I have seen God back it up with signs and wonders. I still feel very unqualified to prophesy and even share it with others but I am choosing to multiply this gift.

Whatever light has been given to you, don’t doubt it, doubt hide it and don’t dim it…Just Shine


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