My Mr. God-Sent!

We find answers to our questions in the most unlikely places…

This has been my consistent testimony for almost three years now. One of the one that still feels like a dream is meeting my Mr. Awesome.

December 23, 2016 will not be forgotten. It is not the mushiness of being in a relationship that makes my heart skip, its the way it happened; the way God did it. See, I knew all about how I was supposed to meet my Mr. God-sent but anticipating something is different from seeing it become realized.

I guess God doesn’t joke when he says he would do something or how he says he would do it. He literally blew my mind.

It felt like too good to be true and when I kept asking God to confirm if this was it, He must have rolled his eye at me- what else could he have done to convince me this was it.

Its still a dream- the kind I don’t want to wake up from. The one I know God absolutely orchestrated and I am super stoked and super grateful. 

…and I am absolutely in love with my Mr. Amazing!!!!


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