This is where I am supposed to be!

I have lived in a foreign country for three years now and the people that know me will attest to the fact that this was not my plan.

The plan was to do my post-graduate degree, return home and start to make some money. There was absolutely no need for me to stay back but sharing my experiences in a foreign land is for another day.

Not only did God disrupt my plans, he must have had a pretty good laugh when I was making them. From the very first moment I landed, it was from one disrupted plan to the other.The one in particular that has stood out relates to my career. Anyone who spends 5years in the University, 1 year in law School and another year of youth service definitely wants to look back after say 5 years and know that their career is growing the way they want it to be.

Mine was/is far from the way I wanted it to be but amazingly enough, I will take God disrupting my plans all over again. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by other people’s successes and levels attained. I will not even lie, I often compared where I would have been if I was back home.

I know the path untravelled is filled with many God-disrupting plans and regardless of my plenty unnecessary anxiety, I know this is where I am supposed to be.

I am learning to be confident in the midst of uncertainties ,  to be content in the midst of struggles and to be grateful for constant grace.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is my race and I am going to complete it-crawling,strolling,leaping,dancing or running.


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