I am Light

In my early twenties,  I was such a dreamer…I had multiple journals where I wrote my goals, dreams and aspirations. Exciting stuff!!!

Its a different story now. I am not sure if its fear holding me back or just plain laziness. I have kinda gotten use to my comfort zone and created an environment full of excuses both in mind and physically.

So even today, ideas that pops in my head are often silenced by so much negativity; I constantly drown myself in my supposed inabilities.

Writing has been one of those things that scare me. I know I am not a prolific writer and so I often wonder why I am doing it or why I need to.

I know of many people around me who are undeniably courageous and daring with their dreams- me, I am still a work in progress.

Everyday I learn something and lately, I have been seeing how qualification often does not matter(particularly when God has given you an assignment). All that is important is for me to obey(Help me Jesus).

I am a light, A city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Actually, I refuse to be hidden.


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