My God of Suddenlies!!!!!

Ever had a time where God showed up for you bigly? (in Donald Trumps voice)I have had a couple of those but this month, God proved himself as a very present help.

I needed some money to make an application. Way before I started the process, I assumed getting the money would not be a big deal so I had no anxiety. To my shock, it was a huuugeee deal.

I remember my sister kept telling me to set a date when I intend to submit the application. She wanted me to tell God this date and she was very confident about God showing up. I was not!

I started the application process in March but with my little faith, I set a deadline for end of May.

In the beginning of the month, I had exhausted all humanly possible options I had and often times, I was really scared to have faith.
Then three weeks to the end of May, a friend of mine got me almost half of the money and two days after, another friend called me up to ask “how much do you need”? Jokingly I told him I looking for the remaining half and he said “I will send it to you”. At that moment, I froze.
I did not know how to be grateful, I was truly overwhelmed with joy. In fact, it felt like a dream. I know God answers prayer but tge mysteries of how he works is unfathomable.
I love moments like this; when shows up and shows who is boss. Suddenly, He did it!!!
“Lowolowo iranlowo” – means (the right-in-the-moment helper).


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