The “Why” is so Irrelevant 

Just yesterday, I was whining about having a part time job and the lots of free time I suddenly seem to have on my hands.

I know there are a lot of things I can use that time for but I was baffled at how much less work I have been doing recently.

The Holy Spirit steered me to what I need to use the time for and it suddenly made sense.

Often times we are at places in our lives where we don’t understand what we are supposed to be doing or we wonder why we are even in that place.

I am learning that the why is often irrelevant. What to be done is far more important and this can be known by following Gods direction.

It would be pointless to even fast and pray it away without understanding the purpose of God for that phase. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to tell us the mind of God…when we ask.

God does not leave things to chance and so it is senseless to overlook events that may suddenly become unusual or out if our ordinary way of lives.

Sometimes, what will need to do would have nothing to do with God per se. It may be a time for us to work on ourselves in different capacitiur or possibly to prepare us for the next stage of out life. It would be to our detriment if we miss those opportunities wondering and complaining about why we are in that spot.

For me, its a time to discover some truths about myself and work on being a better person.


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