Month 1

On March 16, 2018, I said I do to Mr. A. It was a beautiful day and it was fun.

Before the wedding day, I had told my soon to be husband that because we lived in different countries, getting pregnant would not be a great idea. I had heard stories of terrible first trimesters and I wasn’t about to do it alone. Or so I thought!

Everything was going according to MY plan. I was scheduled to fly back one week after the wedding, I was on my period and science was on my side; no way I could ovulate in time for conception to take place.

Then MY plans went sideways. I had to stay another month in Nigeria. At first, I was worried but all of a sudden, everything in me felt prepared to begin my journey as a new mom. I knew I was so ready that sometimes, the reality of not conceiving made me so sad and anxious. There I was wanting so bad want I rejected a few weeks back.

I left Nigeria and 2weeks later, I was expecting to start my cycle. When it was late, I told myself its because of stress. And so I waited and waited but it never came.

Then this Friday night, while staying over at my friend’s place, I felt this cramp I have never felt before. It was like my lower abdomen was about to fall off and then I knew I was pregnant. I got to work and could hardly keep it together so I went to a nearby pharmacy and bought a home pregnancy kit. I tested it in the office and at first, nothing! I tried again and my heart skipped when I saw that plus sign.

After work, I bought another home kit and tried again and then all the butterflies in the world were probably running free in my belly.

I called my husband and shared the news. Even though his response disappointed me a little, nothing was stopping this joy. Then I called my sister and I remember hanging up twice before I was able to tell her. Yes, her response disappointed me too. I later realized they were not as surprised as I was….somehow somehow, they knew.

It was April 13, 2018. I found out about the bundle of joy growing in my belly. I was about to start a new journey and I was excited.


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