Month 2

I don’t know why but I was nervous about telling my mom that I was pregnant. A part of me still felt like a “small girl”. I wanted to do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy before sharing with my mom and my in-laws but yet I couldn’t keep it together.

After enough back and forth on when to tell, I decided to do it right away. I called my mom and told her “You are going to be a grandma again”. She screamed. Finally!, the kind of response I was hoping for. Lol!

Oh! My mom was so excited.

At this point, I was already dreading all the symptoms of pregnancy you read and see everywhere. I had 3 friends who were pregnant as well and seen their struggles through the first trimester; the endless vomiting, headaches, tiredness etc. I was a little afraid but I wanted to channel that energy elsewhere.

I downloaded “Supernatural Childbirth”, a must read for every christian mother. I have always believed in the power of confession so I started to confess over my life and the baby. I placed my hand on my belly and spoke life and health to both our bodies. Sounds super cliche but very underestimated.

The truth is I felt great. I was not tired, I exercised, I started to eat better, sleep better and I had no major symptoms of early pregnancy except for the cramps.

I could not at all times share my excitement with my friends because I knew how this same process I was enjoying was quite a challenge for them.

I did the blood test and got the results. Being so ignorant, I focused on the part of the result that showed “non pregnant”. I was so distraught so I asked a doctor aunty of mine but before she could respond, the hospital called me to say that I was pregnant. So I went to see the doctor telling I saw non pregnant but she said to me “you read it wrong, you are definitely pregnant”.

I remember that during this time, a part of me felt a little ungrateful at times. Some months back, I was so adamant about not getting pregnant yet and here I waa with thia amazing blessing but still, the moment I felt it may not be true, I started to complain, mope and feel sad. I forgot about the mercy I had received and somehow turned into a brat!


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