Month 3

I felt great for the most part of the third month, until I didn’t.

I had been wanting to move from my current apartment into a better one. See, I was sharing with other people and constantly having to clean after them was getting to me. I was so unhappy with my living condition. So I searched and searched for a new apartment with budget constraints but without compromising on my dream home.

The same way I was searching for a house was how I frantically searched for a new job. I did not think I was doing that job well because I have this colleague who had a PhD in being mean. Receiving feedback isn’t an issue but delivering it with meanness was just beyond. Everyday I went to work, I was unhappy and tensed. I did not want to walk by her or talk to her or email her but she was right there everytime; she seats next to my desk. She was enough reason to leave.

When I started this job in November 2017, I knew it was where God wanted me to be. I had searched for this opportunity my 3 years of living in another country. I almost gave up on ever getting this type of gig but it happened. The right job….it truly is. In fact, the role was created just before I was hired…thats how right it was.

I asked myself how something that felt so right suddenly became a burden. I just thought maybe it was time for me to move on. I received interview invitations and on more that 1 occasion, the companies reached out to me to apply or called me in straight for an interview but none of those interviews ever moved past that stage. I felt stuck.

This was in June, I was certain that I was going to quit my job and accept an opportunity elsewhere but it never came. So I started to channel my energy into reconditioning my mind, I prayed and confessed Gods presence everytime I got to work. I would stand and walk around my workspace declaring the power of God. I prayed that I would be excellent in my work, that every eye would look on me with favour. Then, I noticed that she started to be nicer, more constructive with her criticism and with each passing day, the criticism reduced. Only one thing was certain, God answered my prayers.

I was still looking for another job and a new apartment but I felt peace. I knew God was doung something and even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was definitely all I needed.


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